Wednesday, June 27, 2007

About Us

The Cast:

Jo- I'm the mom and star of the show of course (just let me pretend okay?). I'm a homeschooling mom to my three heathens, wife to the hubby guy, professional product reviewer & toy expert, published poet (had nothing to do with either so shoosh), freelance writer (I write for a few websites and hope to be in print soon), two time cancer survivor (while still having one of the buggers renting space in my body), and MEN2a advocate.

I love doing product, toy, and book reviews because they are fun. I also love to write and this is one way I can have fun with my writing. I don't do this for "free stuff" which is why I don't ask companies for certain products.

Hubby Guy- Yes, I have one but with working graveyard shift and attending college part time he doesn't get to be around much. We celebrated our seventh anniversary on May 6, 2007 and while it's been a rough road at times, it has definately been worth it. Hubby works in avionics (ex-Air Force) and helps keep the Air Force in the air. He will be the first to tell you he doesn't agree with my choices all of the time but when it comes down to it he is my biggest champion and I love him for it.

Big B- My oldest son who turned 16 years old this year. He started homeschooling in November of 2005 so every day is a learning experience for us. He hopes to someday play football in the NFL and buy his mama a house! That's my boy! B also is learning to play guitar, studying Physics and Philosophy, beginning German, has his mama's sense of humor & sarcasm, and is just an amazing person.

He helps me with reviews of computer programs, books, techie toys, board games, and video games.

Sissy- My middle child and only girl. She turned 13 years old this year (yeah that sound you hear IS me crying) and has been homeschooling since March 2005. She has really come a long way since public school and I am very thankful for that. She wants to one day be a Marine Biologist and Firespinner and I have no doubt she will do both. Sis is learning Spanish, is in SpiralScouts, has her own Dog Walking business, and loves to practice her firespinning with the practice poi a friend got her last year for her birthday.

She helps me review books, "girl" products, board games, video games, make-up, shoes, and hair accessories.

Lil Man- This is my 5 year old little tornado of terror. There were no Terrible Twos but you can bet we hit the Terrible Threes full blown and hard! He's a sweetheart though and very easy to love. He's also a dinosaur expert who constantly blows me away with the amount of knowledge he knows about them. I think he's proof that children really do learn on their own and in their own ways. He is learning to write and spell his name, loves paleontology, thinks Animal Planet is the only channel in existance, and is a Firefly in the SpiralScouts.

His job is to help review toys, games, and anything he finds that looks like fun.

All together we are a family who has three people with a rare cancer causing disorder, two kids who have already had surgery to remove cancer once, and a mom who has had two cancer surgeries, is missing several organs, and because we caught one cancer too late I will always live with cancer. Thankfully it's not aggressive but chemo having no effect on it is somewhat of a bummer.

Daily we are just the same as everyone else (just a little more scarred is all) and just try to live life to the fullest each day that we can. Making memories is a big part of our life and probably why I post on this blog about not only strictly homeschool related things but the fun activities we do as well.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy.