Thursday, August 23, 2007

Reviews Are "How We Roll"

This post is to let companies both big and small know that my family and I do review products of all kinds including but definitely not limited to- educational games, fun games, educational toys, science toys, fun toys, books, DVDs, CD-Roms, and even edible items if you think they taste good. ;)

Review Process:

~ Once we receive a product we, as a family and individually, test products for the various companies.

~ We then contact the company to let them know what we think of the product.

~ After that I post an honest review about the products on one to three of my blogs.

~ I then send the company the URL to the review post so they may read it and give extra feedback to the companies that request it.

~ If for any reason we felt your product was just too poorly made/boring then I will tell you beforehand and you can choose whether or not to have the review posted. I will not attack the company or the product if this is the case. I will just point out the flaws, possibly make suggestions, and thank the company for the chance to review for them. I will not however lie about a product just to make a company happy. From what I've seen so far though I have no worries about the products. Sounds fair doesn't it?

If you are a company with a product that you would like some exposure on or a review of (small businesses especially welcome), feel free to email me at jocoiner[at] (email broken up for spam reasons. Please see sidebar for complete email).

To visit my Reviews Page (which contains my reviews to date), please visit HERE.

Family Stats and Information:

2 adults (1 male, 1 female)
Big B- 18 year old male
Sis- 15 year old girl
MonkeyBoy- 7 year old boy

Likes/Preferences: We are actually pretty mellow and open so whatever you've got, just send it our way and we'll make it fun!!

Thank you,
Jolene Coiner Burzycki