Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Review of Crayola Large Washable Crayons - 8 Count

When our youngest child started wanting to color with crayons like his siblings the first thought that entered my mind was "There go the walls"!! I knew that when I bought him his first set of crayons I would also need to buy a gallon of paint to keep on hand to cover his wall art.

Until I went to the store and found the Crayola Kids' First Large Washable Crayons. These crayons are perfect for little hands and when these guys say "washable" they really mean it. All of us have bought crayons in the past that state they are washable yet you can't wash them off anything right? Crayola's washable formula was designed to wipe off of most walls and non-porous household surfaces with just warm water and a sponge. No extra cleaners or scrubbing required!

These Crayola crayons have so far washed off of walls, counters, furniture, TV screens, books, dolls, a a mini-van dashboard after baking in the sun, and even my beloved Buddha statue (the little one thought he needed a mustache). I haven't come across anything yet that these crayons won't wash off of which means no waiting with baited breath every time my son decides he wants to color.

On a rating scale I would say-

Affordability: 2.5 They are definitely more expensive than the smaller crayons.
Usability: 5 They don't break easily in small hands like regular crayons do.
Safety: 4 Only because of course, a small child could eat the wrapper but the crayons are non-toxic.
Reliability: 5+ These crayons do what they say and will definitely impress you!