Friday, September 7, 2007

Game Review: Flip Floggs

This game is one of two sent to us by Grape Games and what a fun company they are. They have dancing grapes on their website, people! No that is fun!

Flip Floggs is a wooden matching memory game with 10 floggs/pieces and symbols on both ends of each piece and a score pad. On your turn you have to flip over two of the Floggs one at a time and if you find a match then you can mark it off on your score sheet.

If you don’t find a pair then make sure you remember where you saw that sailboat or apple because this game is all about your memory. The goal is to find a pair that matches for each symbol. If you do that then you win! My guess is that “Floggs” stands for Fun Logs but don’t take my word for it because I could be wrong.

This game is rated ages 5 and up but once again Lil Man surprised us all. While he didn’t win this time (yay one of us won for once!) he really enjoyed playing and had a ball flipping the Floggs over on his turns. Even after we quit playing he would flip the Floggs just to see what he could come up with. I was honestly surprised that such a simply designed game (wooden pegs and that’s all) held his attention like it did. Obviously the lure is the symbols, he couldn’t resist the symbols. *smile* Even the older two kids have given it a thumbs up!

Pros Of This Game-

* Strengthens memory skills in both young and old alike.
* It’s slightly competitive but more focus is on the fun.
* No reading to make playing hard for younger kids.
* No name brand characters making you feel like a sell out.
* No small game pieces for siblings to swallow (including dice).
* Fun for some kids to even play alone (see above mention of Lil Man).
* They don't use paints or dyes on this product.

Cons Of This Game-

*While the older kids (16 and 13) enjoyed this game they did get bored after the second game. I would say the main group this would appeal to is 4-11 and any adults who will play this with their children.

* The tube the game comes in is somewhat flimsy and in a household with children it will never stand the test of time. The game will last forever but the container is thin plastic.

MY Advice? A stronger lid on the game box/tube or a stronger tube altogether. The container the Floggs came in is a little flimsy. Perfect size but maybe hard plastic would last longer or you could offer a soft pouch for customers to buy to put their Floggs game in.

My honest opinion of this game is that it was fun, playable by ages 4 and up, interesting, and considering that it says the person with the worst memory gets to go first… I was all excited because that meant ME!!

The Grape Bunch (aka Grape Games) has done a good job with Flip Floggs. This game will definitely last longer than the cardboard memory games most of us buy our kids now.

*I have not been paid by Grape Games to give this review and my only compensation is being allowed to keep the games after writing my reviews*


Andrew said...

Another great review, Jo. I love your honest thoughts and suggestions. Though I could not stop laughing at your last line. You gave the game 3 butterflies, yet the most a review can earn is 4 STARS. I bet you also DO compare apples to oranges, don'tcha? Heh.

Homemom3 said...

Jo- are these like pogs but bigger? They sound like a fun memory game that BabyGirl would love.