Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Review AND Giveaway- Little Adventures Dress Ups

Recently I had a chance to talk to one of the great folks from Little Adventures, a company started by two moms who had realized that there was a need for good quality dress up clothes at affordable prices people could afford. The rest as they say is history!

Little Adventures makes some of the best costumes I've seen in a long time so it only made sense for me to do a review for their little Fireman dress up right? I am so glad I did and I can only say that the quality of it is so awesome! Made of quality fabrics this dress up set came with a durable plastic hat, pants with elastic waistband, and a fireman's coat with shiny stripes and badge on it.

I also like how they use wide Velcro strips instead of little buttons or ties that are harder for little hands to fasten. MonkeyBoy can put his outfit on and take it off anytime he wants without having to wait for Mommy to help him. All of their sets are like this and that includes the ones for the little girl's as well.

Each dress up is completely machine washable and dryable. Trust me, these are not going to fall apart just because you wash them. MonkeyBoy's fireman set has already been washed twice and it isn't coming apart anytime soon.

Little Adventures makes capes, princess dress ups, accessories, fireman sets, and many many more! I would highly recommend contacting one of their online retailers (or maybe consider becoming one yourself) and getting one of their great dress up sets for your little boy or girl to use as a Halloween costume and then an ever after dress up.

Oh wait, you noticed the word "giveaway" in the title didn't you? You didn't think I was just posting a review here on LWH without reason did you?

Well since you patiently read the whole review (you did RIGHT??) AND Halloween is just around the corner, how would you like the fact that Little Adventures also gave me one of their Deluxe Cinderella Dress Ups (picture on the right) plus the Choker and Headband set (below on the left) for one of my lucky readers to win?!

The Deluxe Cinderella set is a little girl's dream come true when it comes to a Halloween costume AND Princess dress up! There are no itchy fabrics or underskirts to bother your sweety, each dress comes with completely finished seams and hems, and as I said before the whole thing is machine washable.

This giveaway will be for ONE Cinderella and Accessory Set size 5-7 years but you will have a chance on two of my blogs to win it.

So would you like to know how one of you lucky folks can win this set for your little princess? Well I am going to give you up to THREE chances here to win until October 10th when I will be randomly choosing a winner and then mailing the costume out Priority Mail -

1) Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite all time dress up set/costume was as a kid.

2) You don’t need to be a blogger to enter, but if you are blog about the contest, and link to this contest post and Little Adventures. Then email me at sonacreidhereviewsATgmailDOTcom with the URL link to your post. The contest must be in it's own post not attached to the end of one.

3) Write about this contest in a MySpace bulletin telling all your friends about this contest then email me your username there to sonacreidhereviewsATgmailDOTcom

Sorry but this contest is only open to residents of the United States (unless my Canadian readers aren't worried about getting it by Halloween- let me know).
So what are you waiting for? Don't think you can hide the Cinderella pictures from your little princess by passing up my blog. Just won't happen and she will be mad at you for not trying to win! I'll tell on you, yes I will!

psstt head over to Life With Heathens for three more chances to win this!!


Rae said...

my favorite dress up costume as a kid was when my mom and I put together a gypsy costume :o) we had gone through all her old hippie clothes, found long, flowing skirts, lots of scarves and some funky blouses....gosh, it was so much fun (and a bit weird that my mom had so much hippie clothing in her closet LOL)

rwikene (from MD)

Homemom3 said...

Oh I LOVE this Jo. Hmmm, my favorite dress up costume would have to be my mother's clothes. We didn't have dress up clothes you'd buy at a store but there were many times you'd find us wearing mom's dresses and high heels. Shhhh, don't tell her I said that.

Anonymous said...

my favorite costume had to be the year i was tinkerbell...i had a pixie cut at the time and she made me look JUST like TINK...ah, that was so much fun :)
heather - 3rdxsacharm (at MD)

Janessa said...

:D my favorite dress up costumes were my mama's hippie clothing :D

Sonya (copmom @Amity's) said...

My favorite dress up item was a huge black plastic bag with holes cut in it - it made the perfect witches dress, goth wedding gown, mystery costume, etc. :)

branwyn said...

my favourite dress up set was my wonder woman underoos and a pair of boots i got for xmas when i was 5. oh i also got my big wheel that year and i would ride the big wheel around while wearing the underoos and boots :D i know i have a picture somewhere...


Anonymous said...

my favorite was my Dorthy from the wizard of oz. :)

lace said...

My other favorite dress up was putting on my leotards and pretending I was an olympic gymnast.

My niece would love this. She has recently discovered the princess movies and wants to be a witch for halloween so she can change everyone into a princess

Adria said...

As I child I loved to dress like a gypsy for Halloween. Not only were the costumes cool, but it meant mom would let me wear makeup and nail polish.

Of course now I realize we were gypsies because it was cheap and easy.

Anonymous said...

I would love to win this for a certain little girl.

I blogged your contest in my Saturday Edition of Contests Galore

rachel said...

Oh, my other favorite costume as a kid (other than the rolling dice) was when my whole playgroup dressed up as Joe Froggers. Joe Froggers are big molasses cookies native to my part of New England. Yummmm...

And LG would still love the costume. My only problem with the idea of winning it is that then I'd never get it off her ...htt