Friday, December 14, 2007

MomCentral: What To Expect Guide To A Healthy Home

I always enjoy doing reviews with MomCentral because of the things they send me. What can I say? The variety appeals to my A.D.D! haha. This time I got to check out the new booklet "What To Expect Guide To A Healthy Home" by Heidi Murkoff (who also wrote the famous "What To Expect When You're Expecting book").

Inside this new What To Expect guide are many tips to help families battle germs and illness especially during these cold winter months. Ms. Murkoff tries to cover the main germ attracting rooms such as the Kitchen, Bathroom, Playroom, and Bedroom plus tips to help you teach your children how to battle and avoid germs.

There is even a section devoted to "Fighting The Flu" which has tips on ways you can use to avoid getting the flu or worst case passing it on to others. As we all know, every year there is a fresh flu scare that has us all running and ducking for cover. Many people believe in faithfully getting the flu shot for their family and themselves every year without fail. Others like myself though run the other way despite my suppressed immune system.

The paragraph on getting the flu shot was the only one that I differed in opinion from Heidi on which is pretty good when it comes to me and guides. Despite my own feelings though I felt that Ms. Murkoff is just providing information to people about the flu shot and in no way telling you to rush out and get it which I think is cool. So like me, she let's people decide for themselves and that's what everyone should do. She also doesn't just focus on the flu shot but goes on to suggest other helpful ways to try to save your family some misery. Kudos to her!

If you would like to read the guide for yourself then you're in luck because you can download it for FREE from the Clorox website. Yes, I said FREE! So there is no reason why you shouldn't read it right? Right!

Even though I already knew most of the tips in the booklet I still think it's a good thing to have around as a reference. I also think it is a great thing to give new parents because if they are anything like I was with my first child they are having nightmares of huge germs attacking their house and trying to eat their baby! Okay so my nightmares weren't THAT bad but I'm telling you, I sterilized everything that kid was going to touch for an entire year. I can laugh at it now but back then germs were evil I tell you!

So go download the free booklet and read through it to make sure you are up to date on your germ fighting tips.


Jenny-up the hill said...

Cool! I loved the "What to Expect When You are Expecting" book...