Thursday, June 21, 2007

Linkapaloosa- 06/21/07

Just a recap from last week- What is Linkapaloosa? Well it's my own goofy and possibly lame title for posts that I hope to do regularly featuring great website links I've found and want to share. There is no catch with these links (as in no one asked me to post them or paid me to talk about them) or this post, just fun things I've found and couldn't wait to show everyone else. I'm going to try to keep it to 5 links per post. So I hope you find at least a few new ones!

And here is this week's links. If you would like the link to your homeschool or education blog added to our blogroll then please feel free to leave me a comment or email me.

Dositey- They offer Math and English software but are nice enough to list their free games right there on the front page for you to use/try. They also offer many free printables and their program is available for sale if you want the whole kit and kaboodle!

The Homeschool Cafe- The brainchild of several Mississipi homeschooling mamas who wanted to help keep others in the loop with political opinions, educational issues, and general discussion. Always something interesting to read and their list of blogs/sites will keep you reading for hours!

Spatulatta- Cooking for Kids by Kids! This site is fantastic and even includes a short video with each recipe to show your child how it's done. We'll be making the chicken swarama!

Teen Space- An internet public library for teens! Lots of information to help your teen with life, school, friends, and work.

Windows Into Wonderland- Thanks to the National Parks Service you can enjoy a field trip to sites and parks all over the United States! No matter where you live these electronic field trips will make you almost feel like you're really there! Great for those days when a field trip you had planned gets rained out.

I will usually try to get these posts up on Wednesdays but if I don't it's probably because I'm sick. Still, I will try to get them up on time or as soon as possible.