Saturday, June 9, 2007

Linkapaloosa Issue One

What is Linkapaloosa? Well it's my own goofy and possibly lame title for posts that I hope to do regularly featuring great website links I've found and want to share. There is no catch with these links (as in no one asked me to post them or paid me to talk about them) or this post, just fun things I've found and couldn't wait to show everyone else. I'm going to try to keep it to 5 links per post.

So I hope you find at least a few new ones!

This is from the National Parks Service and ALOT of fun. Your little ranger can have their own ranger's office where they do fun things like activities to earn badges for their sash, share stories and pictures with other little rangers, view national park webcams, and even print out their own membership card. My 4 1/2 year old was playing on the site earlier and couldn't get enough!

Word Game Boards
Tons of great games for all grades and subjects that you can print up and use in your homeschool, daycare, or even preschool. I went through the site this morning and only a few of the links are now dead but by the time you get to them you really don't care because you've already saved alot of others!
Mr Donn has made my life so much easier with this website. Loads of subjects, free lessons, activities, and much much more all arranged in a neat easy to find way.

Weekly Reader Kids
A great site for kids by Weekly Reader. Here kids can read interviews, color, enter the Mystery Photo Contest, do crosswords, be a Weekly Writer, and lots more. Even my almost 13 year old daughter enjoyed this one.

Thought Audio
Free MP3 audio downloads on alot of great books. Great site and a good idea for long trips in the car or just sitting around listening to while you or the kids relax. The only thing I wasn't too keen on was the voice on some of the books. It got on my nerves for some reason. LOL.