Wednesday, August 15, 2007

EduLinks 08/15/07

Hello everyone and sorry about not posting last week. I've been battling vertigo lately so trying to type with crossed eyes just wasn't working for me. :)

This has been a very good week for me when it comes to discovering new educational and homeschooling sites. Just when I think I've probably bookmarked every site there is I find a few more that I need to save. lol So I will get right to sharing them with you along with the new blog of the week.

Math Night Modules- a site that allows kids and their parents to explore and enjoy areas of mathematics they wouldn't encounter in everyday schoolwork.

OperaGlass (Opera for Everyone)- this site enables opera companies and educators to access and download FREE digital versions of the Opera for Everyone series of Cd's and the Teaching Manual for teaching purposes.

Internet 4 Classrooms- Several large collections of links, assessments, tutorials, and more for K-12 teachers.

Homeschooling With Notebooks- A great site for those who like to use or have an interest in using notebooks as part of your homeschooling. This site does have religious references and pages at times but as always, the stuff you don't need just don't read. ;)

K12 FREE Homeschool Courses- Yes, K12 curriculum actually has "free" courses that your children can take online. These classes are not totally free though because they do charge you $4.95 per course for s&h I think. The variety of free courses is limited but it's easy to find something for just about anyone on the list. K12 is a Christian based curriculum with alot of religiously themed courses but they are clearly marked so you can avoid them if their not for you.

This week's blog of the week kind of gave me a giggle for the simple fact that I had already chosen it without having many chances to talk to the couple who runs it. In the past week though I've emailed with the mom several times so it just solidified my choice even more.

My Blog Of The Week is Atypical Life by Ron and Andrea. This wonderful couple also run Homeschool Journal where you can set up your own free homeschooling blog. Homeschool Journal was started last year partially as an alternative to HSB for those of us who were anti-OSH Magazine (I'm using abbreviations because I refuse to give them "Google Juice"). Now it's just there for anyone who wants to use it and Ron and Andrea are awesome when it comes to fixing glitches and trying to keep things running smoothly.

Andrea has written alot about homeschooling over the years and I even heard someone sing her praises on a podcast I was listening to once! lol. Ron is often overrun with working outside the home but just like Andrea you can always count on him when Homeschool Journal really needs him. I've learned alot from the two of them in the last year and I'm very thankful to them both.


Andrea R said...

that rocks my socks. :*

Jo said...

Woohoo now I'm rockin' socks! ;)

Suzanne said...

Mad clickin'...and I'm gonna send this blog link to my sister who homeschools. Thanks!

Jenny said...

You always have the best links...I can't find any of the good stuff like you do...thanks!!