Tuesday, September 18, 2007

EduBook Review: BOB Books

We recently received Set 1 of the BOB Books by Mrs. Bobby Lynn Maslen for our enjoyment and review. The BOB Books are for those children just learning to read and make sense of the sounds of letters. I have heard of the books before but never had the chance to actually take a firsthand look. Now I'm so glad to have had this opportunity because I learned alot about my 4 1/2 year old and how he likes to learn.

What I like about these books is the simplicity that goes back to the "Dick and Jane" books some of us use to read in school. The stories in the BOB Books contain repetitive sounds and words that enable your child to easily memorize them and read them to you no matter where they see or hear the sound or word.

When I opened the first book I was honestly surprised because I expected the usual kiddie story with short words and ended up finding stories that to be honest wouldn't make alot of sense to most adults but were perfect for my little one. I was weary as I read the first book to him but when he started laughing and said "Mat and Sam sat on each other!! MOVE IT!!", I knew he "got" the concept. After reading the book twice he has already learned how to sound out and sight read the word "sat". WOW.

I could only find one thing wrong with the books and that was the lack of color where a color was described. Like the red hen was white and so was the pink pig. This began a whole discussion on why they weren't colored right and how do you know the pig is pink with my son. Nothing gets by that kid I swear!

The BOB Books Set 1 for Beginning Readers includes an Introduction Card, 12 books, and a nifty little box to store them in. The cost of this set of books is fantastic and I know I've spent more on a non-educational book before so you honestly can't beat it. We will be buying the other sets in the near future.

I would recommend these books to anyone with a child ages 3-6 to help with beginning reading. As a homeschooler I've found that is usually the age group that uses books like these and finds the most joy in them.

So check out the BOB Books and while you're doing that please read the Meet The Maslans page on their website. It's a wonderful little story and don't they look like a lovely couple? So much talent in one family too!