Monday, September 17, 2007

EduDVD Review: Time For Manners

Holly Beth Moncher’s "Manners Gang" recently sent us three of their educational DVDs for review and I seriously can’t thank them enough for doing so.

Time for Manners is a DVD geared towards children ages 2 and up that uses the puppet characters Tara and Tyler (twins), Wesley, and the perky half-clock Merlin Manners to teach young children about the use of proper manners. The DVD includes such things as saying "please", "thank you", "excuse me", and inside versus outside voices.

How do they manage to teach this? Simply by using catchy tunes such as “Time For Manners” as well as repetition in their songs and messages so the child can remember/memorize the new skills and be able to use them when appropriate.

Their DVD “Table Time” works along the same lines as it teaches your child how to behave during mealtime, how to have a good conversation, and learn setting the table for meals. The third DVD “American Manners” teaches patriotic concepts like the Pledge of Allegiance, history, and respect for the flag. I’ll be honest and say we only watched a few minutes of it because it’s not really our kind of subject matter. It looks fine though for those who want their kids to learn to be more patriotic.

Do these DVDs work? For my 4 ½ year old the answer is definitely “yes”. The songs, puppet friends, and chance to learn manners appealed to MonkeyBoy immensely. After watching the DVDs only twice he was walking around the house looking for as many opportunities to use his manners as he could find. After two weeks of watching the videos every other day (at his request), his manners have improved greatly. We’ve even started a weekly Good Manners Day where MonkeyBoy can earn stickers to put on his shirt every time one of us catches him using good manners.

If you are having a problem teaching manners to your child then I definitely recommend getting these DVDs. Yes, after awhile the music will get on your adult nerves but the kids love it which means a few quiet minutes for you as they watch.

You can find the Time for Manners, Table Time, and American Manners on their website- Time for Manners website (with free shipping!) along with a few other cute gifts they sell.

*I have not been monetarily paid by Time for Manners to give this review. My only compensation is being allowed to keep the DVDs after writing my review*